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Welcome to THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY. This is an online school for CREATIVES who want to achieve their goals & find all round-bliss doing the things they love. 

We provide all the a-m-a-z-i-n-g tools to help YOU reinvent yourself and your career. 

And Yup! We bring you world-class training from influential personal growth, career experts and coaches to help you to create remarkable transformation and achieve GOALS in important areas of your life.

Our classes and courses are available to VIP Members only and divided into two major accelerator programs in four categories: Mind, Body, Spirit and Career - Each week we host a virtual live-class in any of these areas, making 4 Live Classes per month and access to other academy resources like podcasts, e-courses, master class, one-on-one coaching, featured books and articles in our library.

Get STARTED and earn your BRAG'ging Rights in 6 months ...Become a VIP Member and start acquiring new skills, expand your mind and re-invent yourself. 

Join our Monday Live Class with EXPERT Coaches from around the world or start learning from the archives of resources in our LIBRARY, on Self Help, Career Building, , Strategic Alliance, Content Creation, Productivity, Goal SettingSocial Media Marketing, Business & Talent Management, Public Relations, Web DesignGraphics, Branding, Joint Ventures and More.

Take our final course -  study of influence, earn your ACHIEVERS DIPLOMA and GRADUATE with a Free One Year Access into our prestigious VVIP Mastermind - THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers.

Discover how you can STRIP the limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams and Learn how to use these new skills + our NAKED philosophy to win, in your personal life, career or business, and enjoy an authentic life filled with BLISS!

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Why YOU Should Become A VIP Star Member 

This ACADEMY is for you, if you want to…

  • Increase your income
  • Become the expert in your industry or niche
  • Get access & support from an inner circle of global experts
  • Create digital products that add extra income streams to your business
  • Become productive and achieve more goals.
  • Have a global leader positioning that being a part of THE BRAG CLUB will give you
  • Have more time and freedom to leverage your expertise doing what you love
  • Scrap the overwhelming challenges of running your own creative business.
  • Take the guess work out of marketing and get new clients that you love to work with, from an elite pool of VIP members here.


Many aspiring achievers and creatives are struggling to create impact - Do YOU Want to WALK THE PATH to CREATIVE BLISS? Perhaps what you need to take that big leap - is just a little PUSH from Us!

1. Creative Mastery Programme

Think the Part! In this 12 Weeks Starter Class, step out from the back burners & explore the roots of modern creative thinking and dissolve your disciplinary boundaries each week. With information to help you tackle limiting beliefs, outdated concepts & faulty strategies getting in the way, of your creative goals - we provide  you with new solutions & niche mastery . This is the MASTER of all learning curves.

2.  The 30 Day Challenge

Feel the Part! What better way to put into practice and test what you have learned in the first 12 weeks of Creative Mastery, than to create a step up to Launch 30 Day Challenge- THE BRAG CHALLENGE. Where we encourage you to launch or re-launch that idea, business or goal - with a 30 Day in-your face vision plan.

3. Accountability Swap

Look The Part! So your Idea or Business has taken off in full swing. But you are not quite there yet. How about we look in to your progress in the last four months we have empowered you. Wait! Its difficult to see what you are doing wrong or what you need to double. So for 2 weeksyou will swap ideas with a peer mentor who will be your accountability partner along with a dedicated coach. Remember, Empowerment + Accountability = High Performance.

4.  The Study of Influence Course

BE the Part! Kick start your Ultimate Influencer Journey with our 6 Week Final Class, on tuning your megaphone and creating massive impact. Its now time to earn your first crown or a new set of BRAGGING rights, plus your Achiever's Diploma and graduate with a FREE one year membership into THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers. 

5.  Dip Your Feet -  Inside THE BRAG CLUB

After 6 months of learning, its time to dip your feet in our Prestigious Mastermind Club carefully designed to bring together a select group of High Achievers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs & Mediapreneurs, whose creative business trajectory is at a similar level and pace & have earned bragging rights in their area of expertise, to motivate & challenge themselves to achieve their yearly goals. Because YOU are a product of who you surround yourself with. We want you to associate, frolic and TAP Brilliance monthly (FREE for one year), from the movers & shakers within your niche. Click to LEARN MORE. 

Three Reasons Why You Should Enroll


Demystify the creative challenge for you.

Creating art stifled in challenge can be a mess. Together with your coaches, you will be guided through all the key areas hindering you from taking massive control over your creative direction. You’ll progress through a combination of learning and practice.

Help you move from thinking to doing. BOOM!!

Getting stuck is very common for creatives. You know what you want but not how to GET it. But If you have an idea for what you want to do achieve, the Academy will help you take the first steps to reach it. If you don’t have an idea, you will be encouraged to conduct a series of small experiments to uncover new paths.


Empower you with balls to finally achieve your goals and earn that spotlight.

Although it can take many creatives several years to make some impact or a big career leap, The Academy will massively accelerate you in this process, equipping you with the tools, strategies, collaboration & community to become that powerhouse influencer & start earning your bragging rights in just 6 months. Yes, you can!



(Only Valid till 19th of December 2016)

NOTE: Your 25% Discount will continue to apply to each monthly charge, for as long as your VIP subscription is active




Missed a Live Class or Tutorial Webcast? Don't worry about it. Catch up on whatever you have missed in our webinar cubicle. WATCH and Gain access to our best web tutorial videos...recorded and saved for your on demand viewing and learning pleasure


Audios are a great way to express and communicate. And we've got great audio classes, tele-summits and podcasts for your listening pleasure, with founder Alex Okoroji & guest experts ready to share their knowledge, skills and expertise with you.


Access our on-demand E-Courses (Free & Paid) in different skill areas, subjects, modules and lessons from our founder, top experts and trusted collaborators in the personal growth sector and download them to start learning at your own pace.


CAREER: Creating A Platform For Your Brand 101 w/ Coach Alex Okoroji (Monday, 28 November 2016)

Many don't know what their brand is or even what system to use to project it to the rest of the world. Join our Founder - Coach Alex Okoroji on Monday and Learn the basic rudiments of discovering your brand, using her 4 point ASRA to project your brand's core message and ways to build a system that gets it out to the world, the right way.

CAREER: How To Share Your Story & Promote Yourself using Podcasts w/ Coach Maxwell Ivey 

He is a master guru for getting booked on podcast shows. Want to learn how to get booked on more shows and podcasts to promote your product, business, book, organisation, event or social campaign. Join Expert Tutor - Coach Maxwell Ivey in our upcoming audio class on Monday, 5 December 2016.

MIND: Emotional Intelligence For Creatives 101 w/ Coach Nina Bingham (Monday, 12 December 2016)

Being intelligent is very important, but being able to meander through our emotions and manage them successfully is NOT only necessary for our self development but also our careers. Join Life Coach Nina Bingham for lessons on how to aptly manage your emotions for effective leadership in business and relationships.


How Authentic Are You? Take The Creative Test below & Get our $20 Coupon Card


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